Classical V-belts

vbeltClassical V-belts remain the most widely used and are proven to offer dependable service with minimum maintenance in a variety of medium and heavy duty industrial drives.


Wrapped belts feature bias cut cover fabric impregnated with a special rubber to protect the inner layers and to provide excellent resistance to abrasion against the pulley groove.
The rubber used in the top compression section is compounded to withstand shock loads and to keep the belt flexing readily when passing over the pulleys.
Tough polyester cords have been tempered for maximum strength, low elongation, and greater resistance to bending fatigue.
An insulation section holds this tension member in the correct position, and provides extra strong adhesion between the cords and the top and bottom compression sections.
The bottom compression section is compounded to maintain the cross-section of the belt and to resist compression and heat for a longer working life.
Wrapped type belts are manufactured in Z(M), A, B, C, D and E sections as standard, and in special sections 20 and 25.