Dunlop V-belts are constructed from tough, long-lasting synthetic rubber, reinforced with low elongation polyester cords.
Specially designed synthetic rubber compounds give heat and oil resistance which ensures that the belts will perform day after day in a wide range of ambient temperatures.
Use of the highest quality raw materials, and manufacture under rigorous quality control, ensure that Dunlop belts meet internationally accepted standards and cross sections.
The company’s quality systems are accredited ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Classical V-belts

vbeltClassical V-belts remain the most widely used and are proven to offer dependable service with minimum maintenance in a variety of medium and heavy duty industrial drives.


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Wedge V-Belts

wedgeHigh capacity Wedge V-belts are designed to meet BS3790, DIN7753 and RMA (IP22) specifications, offering possibilities for more compact drive designs.


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Banded V-Belts

banded-beltsBanded V-Belts are multiple V-belts joined together with a high quality Neoprene fabric into a single driving belt unit.

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Double/hexagonal V-belts

doubleDouble V-belts are intended for use on serpentine drives where the belt has a reverse bend round one or more pulleys and is required to drive on both sides of the section.

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Raw Edge Cogged V-Belts

raw-edge-cogged-vbeltsRaw edge cogged belts provide flexibility to enable the use of smaller pulleys, and so save costs on drive design.

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Fhp V-Belts

vbeltThe Fractional Horse Power (FHP) V-belts are used for light-duty industrial machinery and domestic appliances, and are available in the American RMA standard sections 3L, 4L and 5L.

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